DOMO ARIGATO, MISTER ROBOTO aka KILROY (spacerobot) wrote,

I'm Your Pusher...

My dad has two enormous marijuana plants growing in his livingroom. I swear on my girl scout's honor, he does. Pop won the seedlings in a bingo game.. so he claims. Well well well! I plan to harvest his medicine if you catch my drift. Buds are sprouting on one of the beautiful babes. Perhaps, I could tear the blossoms off and re-plant them. I'm not entirely sure how to cultivate hash. Whatever the case, next time I visit the old man, I'm stashing a pocket full of seeds and twigs. Within the span of one year, I hope to sow and reap a crop. A crop! Hahahaha.. oh yeah - I also plan on getting ridiculously high.

I've discussed it with Dude and we both agreed this could very well be a prosperous venture. Please consider the following: I sell the herb to little children. That simple. If we hit all the major bay area markets (playgrounds, schoolyards, after school recreational facilities).. Oh boy, we'd have an impressive cash flow.

Currently, I'm searching for distributors as well as investors. General duties of carriers/distributors include: wearing trench coats, driving tan '76 Monte Carlos, and fraternizing with the kiddies. Investors: $4500 will entitle you to a 1.8% share of all profits from any chosen block*. Are you interested? I must emphasize we need investors, plenty. Dirt and plastic pots don't come cheap. Also, my father uses little lamps over the weed. I may need light bulbs then. Bulbs are expensive.. and electricity? Fuck, that shit's like gold.

*contact me for specific details and limitations.
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I got 5 on it.

does yahoo have any tetris games. I got to level 18 or 19 once. that shit was crazy worm hole travel.
I don't see it on yahoo, but I play with an NES emulator. You can snatch one off Kazaalite. The little bastard is amazing. It came with over 100 roms including Pac Man, Mike Tyson's Punch Out and Pussy City Pimps. If you can't find one to download. I could even send the file over.
Confessions of A Tetris Master. On passing Level 10

"I continued to play SuperTetris, just not with the furious devotion that was required before. It was down to competing just with myself. Another story of my life. I seem destined for loneliness. I'd reached the point where Alexander the Great reached when he wept. There were no more countries left to conquer. I felt like a mountain hermit, isolated. I played the untimed game and got up to level 35. After level 10, there are no more boards, just a random jumble of blocks to clear. There's nothing new to see, but I found things."
god, thats beautiful